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Company Started

We are a family business based in Wales, My parents first started their own business in 1984. Over the years we have ventured into a few different Product lines using the knowledge and expertise of each family member. On each company the one thing we have always taken seriously is our security. We researched the best biometric clockin systems and security devices on the market for our own business use.

We wanted the most cost effective products, however did not want to compromise on quality. As the devices came with basic chinese software user interface, we started to write software for the devices to enhance the user inerface and create better features of those products. It was not long before customers that seen the devices working for us wanted to know where to get one for themselves. At the time our custom software was so heavily customised for our own use, so we had to be completely rewrite the software to work for other companies.

We soon realised we had great products that worked with our UK software and we could offer them to any business wanting to save money and upgrade their security to biometric security. On the 28/09/2014 we stared this site as a division of Advanta Group, we know you will also find our products as useful as we did.

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